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The first advertising booklet, printed in February 2003, began with the following words: "Ladies and gentlemen! We are happy to present you our new dental clinic "Ultra Dent”. The purpose of creating our clinic has been to unite in one team like-minded individuals for providing multi disciplinary, qualified and fast dental care”.  Ultra Dent was not a family business, as it is usually popular in dentistry.  Now, 21 years later, I can confidently say that the original concept of the clinic was not only successful, but it also has continued long term development. Our clinic was one of the first working on the principles of a clear separation of the performed treatments by the doctors. 

The principles of organization of the UltraDent clinic are:
-all types of dental services
- from prevention to operations
-individual approach to each patient and their treatment 
-quality and sterility
-equipment and materials of the latest generations.

The basis of the clinic is the highest qualified professionals and modern technologies. The quality of the work of our specialists is assessed by “generations” of patients not only in Armenia, but also abroad.
The opening of the second Ultra Dent Digital clinic in 2022 was due to the increased number of patients and new technological and digital capabilities. Since January 2024 we have equipped  by the CT scannerCS9600, which completely covering the diagnostic and treatment requirements of the clinic, creating more comfortable conditions for the patients. As in 2003, the most important thing for our team is the smiles and joy of our patients. I believe that our successes and continuing achievements are due to our grateful patients. Our team is waiting for you!


The main assessment of the quality of our work is the fact that about 90% of new patients come on the recommendation of already treated patients.


All the doctors of our clinic are specialists of the extra-class who have been trained at the leading dental centers in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Spain and the CIS. They are regularly participating in international conferences, symposiums and dental exhibitions.
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