Air Flow / Lunos


Modern people have a number of means for daily oral care at home and successfully use them.

However even the most modern toothbrush and the most innovative toothpaste do not guarantee the cleaning of hard-to-reach places in the mouth.

Features of bite, the lack of one or more teeth, high sensitivity change the stereotype of chewing, which leads to the formation of hard-to-remove tartar and foci of development of bacteria.

Any procedure performed by a qualified specialist will give a better effect than an independent care.

For the diagnosis of dental diseases important factor is the hygienic cleaning of the oral cavity. Often the lesions of the teeth are hidden or difficult to access due to tartar or plaque and can not be removed at home.

Ultra-dent clinic offers the opportunity to experience the benefits of an innovative approach to hygienic cleaning of the oral cavity. The essence of the procedure Air-Flow consists of cleaning the teeth with a jet of a special composition on a water basis, fed under pressure. This makes possible to remove tartar without any extra efforts, eliminate the source of bad breath – bacteria, completely prepare the oral cavity for the diagnosis and the treatment.

Dental cleaning by Air-Flow technology can significantly reduce the time spent in the dental chair and increase the time interval between the next appointment with the dentist.

We are using two types of abrasives – soda bicarbonate for the standard Air Flow procedure and innovative abrasive of trehalose with the Lunos by Durr Dental, which is cleaning biofilm in an effective and gentle way.

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