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Modern dentistry is determined by 3D technologies - scanning in the oral cavity without impressions, computer smile design of the future smile and prosthodontic constructures, making dentures with milling machines, printers, and many other possibilities. The 3SHAPE scanner is the top provider of  high-precision scanning of the teeth in the patient's mouth, which allows to treat almost in all the fields of dentistry with high speed and quality, providing the best with the comfort for the patient.

Benefits of using a 3D scanner

·        Quality - the scanner allows to minimize the possibility of errors and inaccuracies in the process of treatment and making of dentures.

·        Patient’s comfort- no need to suffer when taking impressions

·        Saving time on dental visit - "digital" impressions can now be taken in 5 minutes, and not in 20 minutes, as in the case with the classic ones.

·        Fast production of prosthodontic constructures and mouthguards - 3D scanner together with milling machines allows us to make dentures and mouthguards within 1-2 days after scanning.

·        Visibility - Together with the doctor, you may see the virtual model of the dentition and plan your treatment. 3D modeling makes it possible to plan the future teeth and the virtual smile while making the treatment plan and choosing the best one.

How to use the scanner?

·        Prosthodontists- for taking "digital" casts, fixing the bite, determining the color, etc. The scanner allows to plan treatment, offers various options for solving problems and prosthodontic structures.

·        Dental surgeons- to obtain a surgical navigation template that allows to place implants in the right places. And already, before implantation, to model the future construction and install it on the implants the next day after the operation.

·        Dentists-therapists – just in 1-2 days to make the ceramic inlays with high precision, which are used in the restoration of sufficiently damaged teeth.

Orthodontists - to fix the position of the dentition in 3D models before, after and during the treatment, allowing to compare and evaluate the result. During the treatment on Invisalign (mouthguards), the scanner allows immediately obtain the high-precision models, on the basis of which will be made an individual set for the bite correction.

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