Prosthetic dentistry is a complex of diagnostic, preparatory and therapeutic measures, which must be solved according to a specially formulated curative plan for achieving the best result.

Besides high qualified specialists ,a good laboratory and clinical base, an important role in prosthetics of teeth play materials and instruments.

Ultra-dent Clinic offers:

  • diagnosis and treatment plan
  • therapeutic, endodontic and surgical services
  • materials, methods and technologies of dental prosthetics from the world leaders of the dental industry
  • High qualification and serious practical experience of prosthodontic doctors who have completed internships in Western Europe and the CIS clinics, allow us to do guaranteed work.

Fixed prosthetics of teeth

For the fixed prosthetics of teeth we use materials with maximum biocompatibility.

  • Metal- ceramic crowns and bridges, including those based on semiprecious metals and bio-gold.
  • Metal-free crowns and bridges based on zirconium oxide, having the most natural appearance with an imitation of natural transparency of the teeth.
  • Metal-free ceramic crowns and bridges (E-max, Empress from Ivoclar Vivadent, Germany)

Prosthetics on implants, especially complex ones are the priority for the clinic.
We offer prosthetics:

  • Single zirconium, ceramic and metal-ceramic crowns.
  • Fixed and screw-fixing bridges.
  • Removable denture with support of a minimum number of implants.
  • High-aesthetic bridges based on the basis of the new PEEK biopolymer material.

Microprosthesis is a technology of restoring seriously damaged tooth in a more reliable and aesthetic way than a filling. The method is based on the creation of ceramic inlays on a digital impression taken with a tooth scanner CEREC. The inlays are manufactured in our clinic by the CEREC milling machine within an hour, and digital impressions are sent via Internet to the dental laboratory.

The advantages of ceramic inlays are high strength, aesthetics, color invariability over the time, efficiency and durability of the restoration of the destroyed tooth.


Full or partial removable dentures are used in cases of contraindications to the fixed prosthetics or as temporary dentures during a long-term treatment package. We offer dentures:

  • Reinforced with metal mesh, increased strength.
  • Nylon (technology Valplast), combining high strength and elasticity.
  • Casting with micro-locks, providing a rigid fixation of the denture, which have high functional and aesthetic properties.

Modern prosthodontic dentistry is based on digital technologies, that we use in our clinic every day.



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