Periodontal Surgery


Periodontal surgery is a narrow specialization in dentistry, the aim of which is treatment and prevention of any diseases surrounding the gum, and as a result getting healthy and functional condition of the gums.

We choose surgical treatment of periodontal disease in cases, where conservative therapeutic treatment has not been shown to offer significant benefits.

The main types of treatment methods are flap operations and plastic surgery of gum recession.

Flap surgery is used in case of bone defects, which over time, without proper treatment, can lead to tooth loss. The main purpose of the treatment is to eliminate the infection, that has caused the destruction of bone tissue and restore it to maintain the stability of the teeth.

Gum recession is a pathological condition in which teeth visually become longer, due to the displacement of the gingival margin, relative to its original location.

The main goal of treatment is to return the gum level to its original position.

It is worth to mention, that during the treatment methods, described below, we use microsurgical instruments, which reduce the traumas and the postoperative period.

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