Immediate Implantation


Immediate – implantation or transgingival – is a method that allows you to restore lost teeth in a shortest time.
With the traditional implantation of the teeth, the doctor first makes an incision of the gum, installs the implant and then sutures. After engraftment of the implant in 2-6 months again, a gum incision is made to establish a sulcus former, after a week to establish an abutment and begin to make a crown on the implant.

Express implantation is performed without a gum incision and subsequent suturing, the implant is inserted transgingival, through a microscopic opening in the gum, and the abutment is immediately installed.


  • The operation time is reduced by several times, the installation of one implant takes 10-15 minutes.
  • The absence of incisions and post-operative sutures ensures rapid healing.
  • No discomfort, edema and pain after implantation, fewer visits during the treatment.
  • Ability to immediately install a temporary crown on the implant.
    Success in express implantation is ensured by accurate diagnosis, the use of special implants, the highest qualifications and experience of an implantologist and prosthodontic in carrying out such operations.

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