Digital Smile Design DSD


Digital Smile Design (DSD) will help to visualize how your future smile will look like after the reconstructions: changing the shape, size, positions, color of the teeth. New computer technologies make it possible to see the final result of dental restoration beforehand, discuss your wishes with the doctor and make the necessary changes.

The Ultra Dent clinic’s team uses the intraoral scanner 3 (3shape scanner), which has advanced developed tools in the field of aesthetic dentistry, including the Digital Smile System (DSS) program.

This program allows to create the future smile and make the treatment plan: restoration of teeth, replacement of old crowns, installation of veneers, implantation, prosthetics.

How is individual smile modeling performed?

First of all , the doctor will listen to the wishes of the patient, gives his recommendations, and then take a series of photos (without a smile, with a smile, in profile and full face).

The computer program analyzes DSD photos and offers several options for digital smile design, ideally suited for physiological and aesthetic aspects.

The required changes may be  carried out on the preferable variant, then a dental technician is connected to the work. He creates the individual Wax-up model, and the dentist transfers it to the patient's oral cavity using a special Mock-up technology. This provides the opportunity to "try on and test" the smile for some time to see if it fits in terms of comfort and functionality. After evaluating the results, the patient with the doctor, decide which treatment variant will be optimal or the best to create the dream smile.

Benefits of Digital Smile Design:

  • Full compliance of the result with the previously developed model;
  • The ability to choose the desired color, shape and position of the teeth;
  • Accurate software analysis allows the dentist to control the  treatment procedures at different stages and adjust it if necessary;
  • Fast transfer of information to the dental laboratory;
  • Mutual understanding between the patient and the doctor on the algorithm of treatment, restoration, prosthetics or implantation to achieve the desired result.

The perfect smile can’t be just modeled. It should fit you. Digital Smile Design helps you design a smile that is not just beautiful in itself, but suits you. It will look as harmonious as possible, since the doctor relies not only on his vision and experience. The shape, size, color of the teeth and the line of the dentition will be selected personally for you.

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