Zoom 4 Bleaching


Zoom 4 - is the most innovative professional bleaching system from Philips. The main difference from previous version is the more gentle effect on tooth enamel and more safety, as a result. It allows to lighten the teeth up to 8 tones, while reducing the period of hypersensitivity after the procedure up to 10-12 hours.

The system's function is based on the ability of oxygen affect and remove the pigment spots.

The gel that contains hydrogen peroxide and calcium phosphate is applied on the teeth. After, the gel is activating by the special lamp, as a result of which a chemical reaction of decomposition of the gel into its constituent molecules begins. This releases oxygen from the mixture, which has the ability to penetrate deep into the tissue layers of the tooth and remove even the strongest pigment spots. The calcium phosphate penetrate into the tissue layers of the tooth provides a protective, strengthening effect.

Teeth change their color during the lifetime, they can darken as a result of eating various coloring foods and products, as well as smoking. But often teeth change their color due to dental diseases, caries, inflammation and poor oral hygiene. Therefore, it is very important, before the bleaching procedure, to carry out a complete treatment of cavities, including the professional teeth cleaning (remove of plaque and stones with polishing). As a result of cleaning, the teeth will not only become cleaner and whiter, but will also accept better  Zoom 4 bleaching system. It is recommended to replace existing fillings with temporary ones before bleaching, otherwise they may take a completely different color and become very noticeable. After bleaching, temporary fillings are removed and new ones are placed, ideally matching the new color of the teeth.

Bleaching process

The process of teeth bleaching with the Zoom 4 system is quite simple, though it takes about 60 minutes. Before starting the procedure, it is necessary to protect the gums from exposure by using a rubber dam or gel. After preparation, doctor proceeds directly to bleaching and applying special gel on the teeth.

The whole bleaching procedure takes place in three repetitive stages and lasts about 60 minutes. After bleaching, the doctor applies a special solution on the teeth, which temporary reduces the sensitivity of the teeth and strengthens the tooth enamel. If you need to get a whiter effect, you can do an additional procedures. As a result, the teeth become whiter up to 6-10 shades. The result lasts about 2-3 years, depending from post-treatment actions.

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