Digital x-ray diagnostics


The dental center Ultra-dent is equipped with radiovisiography (RVG) Schick of the latest generation, used to diagnose and evaluate the quality of treatment. We have been using a RVG since 1997 and our computers have stored information about our patients since 1997.

RVG X-rays are sent to a sensor consisted of a set of detectors, afterwards the computer transmits an image to the screen.

Advantages of the RVG:

  • minimal radiation load on the patient (10-20 times, or 90-95% less compared to traditional film radiography).
  • RVG image appears on the screen after a few seconds and a few more seconds is needed to optimize the quality.
  • computer image processing allows the doctor to get all the necessary information, analyze it in the presence of the patient and outline the course of further action.
  • image in the primary or converted form can be stored in the computer’s memory, which allows to create database for all patients, compare to the previous data stored in the computer.
  • the possibility of obtaining and comparing negative, positive and color images;
  • the possibility of increasing (by ten thousand times) and obtaining a panoramic image.
  • the ability to perform linear and angular measurements,

We use both a panoramic digital orthopantomograph(OPG) and computer 3D tomography, which produces a high-quality three-dimensional image of both jaws, paranasal sinuses and temporomandibular joint with minimal radiation burden for the patient. Computer tomography is indispensable for detailed examination and accurate diagnosis of dentition and parts of the maxillofacial area.

Areas of use:

  • maxillo-facial and dental diagnostics
  • reconstructive dentistry
  • implantology
  • paradontology
  • endodontics
  • orthodontics

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