Computed Tomography


Modern dentistry, which widely uses digital technologies for the treatments, couldn’t be imagined without computed tomography - the most  precise diagnostic tool that has become integral in any type of medical care.

This examination method allows to obtain three-dimensional image of the hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity and maxillofacial area. A digital 3D image most informatively and reliably shows the state of the area under study, which helps to detect pathological changes and formations, plan treatment and perform treatments with extreme accuracy.

Computed tomography has become irreplaceable for dentists of all fields: therapists, surgeons, implantologists, periodontists, orthodontists and prosthodontics.

What does a CT scan of the dentofacial system show?

  • depth of carious lesions and the existence of hidden caries
  • number and shape of root canals
  • position of roots in bone tissue
  • cysts and tumors
  • presence of impacted and dystopic teeth
  • congenital anomalies of teeth, rows and jaw bones
  • bite disorders
  • condition of the paranasal sinuses
  • thickness and density of bone tissue
  • cracks and injuries to the tooth root
  • location and integrity of fillings, inlays, crowns and implants

Indications for dental computed tomography

  • cavities
  • pulpitis and periodontitis
  • parodontitis
  • traumas to teeth and jaws
  • surgical treatments and implantation
  • prosthodontic treatments
  • installation of orthodontic constructions
  • control of the performed treatment

The latest version of CS 9600 CT scanner installed in our clinic allows us to obtain high-quality images with a lower radiation dose than other CT scanners.

With innovations like Live Positioning Assistant, video cameras and SmartAuto technology allow us to make patient’s positioning easier, gives more accurate scans on the first try, reducing the risk of repeating. The tomograph allows to do studies in the range from 4 cm X 4 cm to 16 cm X 17 cm (matrix), there is also a 3D face scanning function. The imaging software package includes additional modules for implantation, orthodontics, restoration and respiratory system analysis.

Is it harmful to have a CT scan of your teeth? CT is safe! Therefore, such an examination can be carried out many times, it is prescribed even to children from 5 years old, according to medical indications. The radioactive dose during the procedure is 0.1-0.3 m3v. It’s very small amount. During the procedure patients do not experience any discomfort.

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