Zirconium Restorations


Metal-free crowns and bridges based on zirconium are made by CAD / CAM technology, which is modern and aesthetic solution for demanding patients. Zirconia/Zirconium dioxide due to its qualities becomes todays the number one material in dentistry.

The technique of manufacturing a non-metal construction using CAD / CAM technology (computer design / computer aided manufacturing) is highly accurate.

Usually for zirconium we use an intraoral scanner to obtain virtual impressions, then the computer is modeling the construction and grinding it on its milling machine from the zirconium oxide block.

Full automation of the process excludes the possibility of any error, since the system registers even micron deflections. The possibility of any error is eliminated due to full automation of the process and the ideal fit is achieved, which guarantees a high aesthetics, durability and absence of inflammation.

Advantages of zirconium oxide constructions:

  • High aesthetics and naturalness
  • Biocompatibility
  • Easy and durable

The white color of the carcass helps to avoid the effect of “dark edge” in the gum area. Transparency of zirconium dioxide allows the transmission of light and provides absolute naturalness.

Zirconium oxide is a hypoallergenic material. In terms of biocompatibility it is far beyond alloys of metals and also alloys of gold.

The minimum thickness of the frame of zirconium oxide is only 0.5 mm, which allows for the minimal turning of the teeth.

Zirconium frame is twice lighter than metallic one and will not be deformed during the time. These mechanical properties allow us to make screwed bridge like dentures, even with the support on implants. We can make bridges and crowns from zirconium only colored for aesthetic purposes (the so-called anatomical zirconium), and from zircon-ceramic when the zirconium carcass is lined with ceramic.

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