Digital 3d planning and implantation


Currently, the most informative method for examining patients is computed tomography (CT scan). This method allows the doctor to make a complete picture of the structure and density of bone tissue and features of the anatomy of the jaws. During the examination, the doctor receives accurate data about the distance between the anatomical formations (maxillary sinus, mandibular canal, etc.).

However, a full diagnosis is not a guarantee of successful treatment. It is equally important to use high-precision and modern planning methods.

In our clinic an individual navigation template with guide titanium tubes is prepared for the patient to ensure the accuracy and quality of implants installed in our clinic, which regulate the direction and depth of installation of each implant with an accuracy of 1/10 mm.

How does it work

We use implantation planning programs (Trios, Exocad and Implantmed 3D) to process computed tomography scans of the jaws and for virtual planning of the number, type of implants, their position, size and type of prosthodontic structure. After agreeing on the drawn up virtual plan with the doctor and the patient, an individual template is printed on a Phrozen Sonic Mini 8K printer to be used during implantation. According to these data, virtual planning of quantity, type of implants, their position, size and type of prosthodontic construction is carried out.

After coordination of the compiled virtual plan with the doctor and patient, a navigation model is made with the help of special equipment.

This model fully corresponds to the operation area and allows to install the implant in it’s right position.

So by this system we can avoid surgical and prosthodontic errors and prevent complications. Also, with the use of navigation technology, it is possible to carry out operations with a flapless technique (without incisions and sutures) and make the prosthodontic constructions before the surgery.

The use of navigation technology gives a number of advantages to both a doctor using modern digital technologies and a patient.


  • Patient understands the necessity of the medical procedures, allows to simulate and show a virtual model of the final result of the treatment, which allows mutual understanding between the doctor and the patient.
  • When planning and making the navigation model, modern and high-tech equipment is used for achieving maximum accuracy of implant installation, the risk of improper implantation is eliminated, injuries to the mandibular nerve are excluded.
  • Crowns and bridges are possible to make at the planning period before the surgical stage. This allows us to shorten the terms of rehabilitation and achieve the best aesthetic result.

The usage of the 3D implant planning program reduces the time of surgical intervention, accordingly the patient’s discomfort, reduces and eliminates complications and injuries in dental implantation.

The usage of 3D program navigation in dental implantation is a guarantee of accuracy, safety, comfort and confidence for both the patient and the doctor.

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