The clinic has the latest and the top version of the CAD / CAM system – CEREC Premium MC XL. The advanced capabilities of CEREC technology allow the most accurate treatment and create anatomically correct and reliable restorations for prosthetics. A wide range of CEREC functions allows the dentist to approach the treatment process individually, taking into account the peculiarities of the oral cavity of the patient.

The complex computer system CEREC is one of the modern innovative dentist assistants. The system is developed in Germany and is produced by the German company SIRONA, one of the world leaders in the production of dental equipment. CEREC is a high-tech complex of equipment, materials and software.

The system includes:

  • intraoral scanning device;
  • a personal computer for receiving and processing images;
  • milling module for grinding dental restorations

How does the CEREC system work?

When using CEREC, the process of making crowns and restoration elements is reduced to a few comfortable manipulations for the doctor and patient, which occupy a minimum of time.

The frontiers of the tooth are determined with the help of a scanning device. It is a compact hand-held optical video camera that transmits information to a computer. A three-dimensional model of the tooth with all its defects is projected onto the monitor. According to this model, the doctor constructs tooth restoration with high accuracy, creates computer images of crowns and bridges. At the end of the simulation, the milling module comes into operation.

With the help of diamond mills, it heats the restoration element or crown from the ceramic billet. The created element is completely ready for fitting and fixation in the oral cavity. The virtual impression from CEREC is more accurate than the real one from the impression material, it can be sent via the Internet to the laboratory, which shortens the treatment time and improves the quality.

The advantages of CEREC are:

  • prosthetics for one two-hour session instead of two or three visits to the doctor;
  • absence of uncomfortable stage of impression making, which is especially important for patients suffering from high vomiting reflex;
  • no need to install temporary seals or crowns;
  • decrease in the probability of inflammatory reactions to almost zero;
  • ideal fitting of the restoration to the tooth and its high tightness;
  • accurate reproduction of the ratio of jaws, which allows to avoid overloading of temporomandibular joints;
  • high-quality high-tech porcelain for the manufacture of crowns, the properties as close as possible to tooth enamel;
  • a wide range of shades, allowing to create restorations, virtually indistinguishable from the natural teeth of the patient.


The main problem with the installation of veneers is the quality of fixation. It’s no secret, that improperly installed veneers quickly chip or crack. The complex computer system CEREC helps to solve this problem. Using CEREC technology for the installation of veneers allows you to achieve the highest accuracy in work. Digital modelling creates an anatomically correct model of the veneer, which most accurately corresponds to the shape of a natural tooth. The result is a reliable fixation of the veneers that do not chip and do not crack.

CEREC is a modern dental solution, focused on meeting individual needs and providing complete comfort to the patients.

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