Gentle way of teeth treatment without drilling – by infiltration method.

  • Gentle treatment of hard-to-reach proximal lesions in a few steps
  • Absence of unreasonable losses of healthy hard tooth tissues
  • Increasing tooth life

Infiltration is an absolutely new method of treating cavities at a stage, when the cavity has not formed on the enamel, and the damaged parts of the teeth are visualized radiographically at a depth of not more than a third of the thickness of the dentin layer.

The spots that appear on the enamel are not only an aesthetic defects, but also are a sign of the new forming caries. It is very important to start treatment at this stage, in order to prevent the increase of carious areas. Infiltration of caries is the best method of treatment in this situation.
Icon can be effectively used to treat caries, the radiographically at a depth of not more than third of the thickness of the dentin layer.

If, during the treatment of the cavity on the adjacent tooth, initial lesions are detected, the Icon material can be used to stop tissue damage.
Before starting the treatment, it is necessary to do cleaning of the teeth.

Optical changes in the damaged areas after infiltration can be seen immediately. The area of the lesion is filled with a material that has optical properties similar to a healthy enamel, so that the white spot is not noticeable.

After the successful treatment, the polishing of areas treated with ICON material and the surface of adjacent teeth is carried out.
The additional advantage of this method is that it does not change the anatomical shape of the tooth. ICON offers high-tech treatment for patients who want to treat their teeth without drilling with a drill to protect them from dental caries while maintaining healthy tooth tissues.

A very significant cosmetic result is achieved within a visit.

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