Gums treatment procedure by the Vector (Durr Dental, Germany) system lasts from one to two hours and differs little from an ordinary visit to the dentist. The treatment of each tooth is carried out with the help of special attachments. The device allows to work on the entire surface of the teeth, including hard reaching places. Anesthesia during treatment is required only in the most extreme cases. Vector is an ultrasonic device that performs treatment and cleaning with a no-contact method. During the process of the treatment, waves are directed parallel to the treated surface so vibration is absent. The device eliminates the symptoms and the cause of the disease. Vector does this in a sparing, but very effective mode. As a result, the bone tissues destroying bacterial biofilm and specific bacteria are completely removed. The used polishing suspension contains micro-particles of hydroxyapatite calcium, which reduce the sensitivity of the enamel. Application of the device leads to strengthening of the gum tissue, reduces the deposition of tartar and looseness, which prevents premature loss of teeth.

Advantages of Vector:

  • cleansing of the tooth root to the base, the possibility of affecting the most inaccessible places
  • elimination of damage on the surface of the root and soft tissues
  • no need to take painkillers after the procedure
  • rapid recovery after treatment

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