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Aesthetic dentistry has been and remains the most relevant direction for our clinic since the day of its foundation. Ideal teeth from the nature are rare seen, so a visit to the dentist can be not only for а treatment, but also for а correction of dental defects. Aesthetic dentistry can correct many dental defects.

  • If you are not satisfied with the size or shape of your teeth
  • If you have too large interdental spaces
  • If there are chipped teeth
  • If you have a lot of seals of different colours
  • If your teeth have lost their natural colour and shine as a result of caries lesions, smoking or coffee abuse

Revolutionary technologies and unlimited possibilities of modern materials allow to completely imitate the tissues of a living tooth with all the features of shades, transparency and multi-layers.

Among technologies used in aesthetic dentistry:

Teeth whitening. Modern systems of professional teeth whitening can achieve excellent results without damaging the enamel and keeping your teeth healthy! Professional teeth whitening is performed in the dental clinic under with the direct supervision of a doctor.

Aesthetic restoration using composite light-curing materials. It is the technology by which the dentist can fix minor defects within one visit. Modern composite materials have natural colour, gloss and transparency of a living teeth. Unfortunately, over time, the composite restorations darken, as they absorb the colorants from food, coffee, tobacco, etc.


Veneers – thin ceramic pads that can correct such defects as chipped, diastemas, age-related abrasion, wedge-shaped defects, irreversible colour changes, old fillings of the teeth. The external surface of the tooth is slightly trimmed, but the tooth itself remains alive (without root canal treatment). Ceramic veneers do not fade and do not change colour over time and your smile will be gorgeous for many years!

Metal-free crowns
Metal-free crowns made of ceramics or zirconium are recommended in cases when_ the root canal treatment is done with a tooth, the colour is changed or a tooth is located outside of the dentition.


Componeers are a completely new class of veneers created by Dr. Mario Jose Besek in close cooperation with Coltene / Whaledent (Switzerland). Extra-thin veneer coverings of 0.3 mm thick provide a high degree of preservation of hard tooth tissues during manufacturing. The bright surface of the natural appearance complements the high quality of the restoration.
With the use of the layouts, a high-quality aesthetic restoration of the anterior teeth can be performed in one visit to a specialist.

Now you can become the owner of an ideal smile for just two visits to the dentist, and without having to grind your teeth!

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