With prolonged absence of the tooth, without a natural load, the bone decreases in volume and loses its quality, which can lead to problems when setting up a dental implant. DUO A-PRF creates a unique and effective opportunity for bone restoration. This technology allows to restore bone, accelerate the healing process and maturation of soft and hard tissues after surgical procedures.

The process lasts a few minutes, with the DUO centrifuge is separated minimum amount of blood from the patient into constituent fractions and produces a plasma with rich platelet (thrombocytes).

The use of this plasma is an effective and reliable method of restoring soft and hard tissues for implantation, periodontal surgeries, osteoplastic surgery, sinus lifting and other surgical interventions in the oral cavity.

The advantages of DUO A-PRF technology

  • improves the integration of the implant, minimizes the probability of rejection
  • the formation of bone occurs in a short time
  • no soreness and swelling in the postoperative period
  • no immunogenic reactions – the best and most suitable component is used – your own blood in the minimum amount
  • safety – no risk of infectious – individual one-time kit is used

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