Sterilization is the basis of any medical institution. The sterilization service of our clinic is equipped with 3 autoclaves from the “Melag” (Germany), termo disinfector “Melag”, ultrasonic bath “Pro-Sonic Sultan” (US), packing machine “Euroseal-2010” (Italy) and others. The presence of three autoclaves with different functions ensure high-quality and rapid sterilization. Two autoclaves belong to class <B> and without their presence it is impossible to imagine modern dental and implantological services.In all these devices the sterilization is carried out in stages with simultaneous use of various methods, which gives a guaranteed qualitative result. Packaging of sterile tools in bags and their storage in special ultraviolet shelves provides them with sterility up to 1 month. All working and contact surfaces of clinical rooms are chemically processed after and before each patient.

Our clinic complies with the highest of aseptic and antiseptic standards. You can feel yourself 100% safe, while seated in the chair of any dentist in our dental clinic.

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